NRW reduction in Malaysia
Capacity building in Sri Lanka
Optimization in Lithuania
Best practices in Grenada

Capacity building in Sri Lanka

The Sri Lanka case is just one example of our many international training programmes.

The training programme focused on such topics as capacity building, operation of waterworks and wastewater treatment plants, laying and welding of pipes, no-dig rehabilitation methods, and customer service.

The programme consisted of a 3-week series of training seminars in Denmark for water supply and wastewater technicians, followed by a 2-week refresher course in Sri Lanka. The refresher course was supplemented by on site courses in CCTV inspection, flushing of sewers, and issues related to the work environment.

Introduction to best practice and management in a modern western water company, Denmark and Sri Lanka.

This training programme was also international first two week training in Denmark, next three parallel one week training sessions on site in Sri Lanka.

During the training sessions there were three main focus areas both in Denmark and in Sri Lanka:

  • Operation and maintenance aspects both within water production and water distribution
  • Capacity building for better management
  • New technologies

The training programme was a mixture of lecturers, exercises, site visits and field demonstrations.