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Water Resources
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Silicon Carbide Membrane

Distribution & Network

  • Development of databases and tailor made software
  • GIS registration & GIS solutions
  • ASP solutions for data warehousing and remote control operator assistance
  • Digitalization of networks
  • Hydraulic modelling (Water and Wastewater)
  • Design of water supply systems
  • Design and modelling of DMZ and LCZ
  • Modelling of water quality in the water distribution network
  • Network cost benefit analysis/master planning
  • Rehabilitation planning for distribution systems
  • Active leakage detection
  • Cost beneficial leakage level management
  • SCADA systems for DMZ monitoring
  • Flow compensated pressure management
  • Valve water sector studies
  • Meter replacement strategy
  • Improvement of consumer meter accuracy by ME-valves
  • Training in pipe welding and related workmanship
  • Training in GIS and modelling
  • Training in leakage detection